the founders

Sea & Sol Shades, LLC was created in April of 2016 after winning 1st place in the Cairns Innovation Challenge by developing a new beach umbrella that was based upon different values from the traditional ones seen every day. Since then, Sea & Sol Shades has gone through major revisions to its prototypes, established connections with manufacturers, retailers, and completed in depth evaluation of the market for their new product. Currently, Sea & Sol Shades is in the process of finishing its latest prototype and creating a minimum viable product for customer evaluation through focus groups, trials, and intensive testing.



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Cathy Campbell was born in Columbia, S.C. and grew up in her hometown of Bartow, Florida. She went on to work in the medical field offering her phlebotomy skills in hospitals and clinics. She also worked within the medical field and offered patient care for the elderly within nursing homes, hospitals and private care. She gained knowledge and experience in administration from office assistant to management positions. Her current position is with Sea & Sol Shades, LLC as Vice President and CMO.



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Matthew Morris was born and raised in Daytona Beach, Florida. He assisted his father from a young age with his company, gaining skills that would lead him to the wonder of how things work. Matthew graduated from Daytona State College in May 2016 with
an engineering degree. His focus at this time is pursuing the development and finalization of the Soloshade prototype and bringing it to retailers and customers.

Caelan hickman

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Caelan Hickman was born and raised in Deland, Florida. He enjoys spending time at the beach when he isn't attending classes. After winning the Jim Cairns Innovation Award April 2016, He now holds the position of CEO with Sea & Sol Shades, LLC. Caelan looks forward to bringing the SoloShade to market with the assistance of the other partners within the company.



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Matthew Cresenzi chose to become an engineer to satisfy his ever present sense of wonder and curiosity of how things worked. He enjoys helping people, which lead to his current career in emergency services. He hopes to take what he has learned as a 911 dispatcher to the next level with his engineering experience and create something to truly benefit the world. Matthew Cresenzi hold the position of CFO with Sea & Sol Shades, LLC.