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Sea & Sol Shades, LLC is a small company based in Daytona Beach that offers a better beach experience through their new beach umbrella. With skin cancer awareness on the rise, Sea & Sol Shades, LLC looks to lower skin cancer rates by offering an alternative to tanning in full sun exposure with only sun block protection. Their new umbrella allows partial UV penetration to permit a user to tan in the shade while also reducing UV waves that traditional sun screen does not block in addition to a host of other capabilities and benefits.

Our newest product

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    November 19

    The Soloshade was primarily designed around the idea of using a tan through fabric commonly seen in tan-thru swimwear and apparel. With that idea in mind, we tried to make something that would offer complete coverage, from the user's head to their toes. Since traditional umbrellas are round, and people are traditionally not donut shaped, we went with an oval shape to offer shade on all parts of the body. Additionally, with the use of flexible rods for the frame instead of metal, the Soloshade can bend around the user to block the sun reflected from water or sand. Finally, as an added benefit to top everything off, we designed the Soloshade to be more wind resistant than traditional umbrellas, even winds up to 20 MPH. With these improvements, we believe we've created something that is better than what is currently on the market and know you will think so as well.